Menusifu Inc

Company Description

MenuSifu is a North American SaaS company that provides customized, efficient and intelligent POS and Online Ordering solutions to restaurants. MenuSifu specializes in serving Asian restaurant owners by optimizing their service, regardless of business size. Our best selling products are softwares, POS computers and Online Ordering solutions for digital transformation. We have successfully supported 10k restaurant owners to reduce the management costs by 20%.

In 2014, the MenuSifu team was founded at Columbia University in New York city. Initially, we wanted to provide customized and multi- language POS software so we formed a startup team with a few young, enthusiastic and creative researchers and engineers. Later we realized there were various problems such as weak management, lack of automation and disconnection with mainstream restaurants in the US. As a result, we expanded our team and strived to assist owners to gain the most advanced management solution and technology support.

To Restaurants
We are committed to helping restaurants integrate multiple resources, build promotional platforms, drive growth through data science and optimize restaurant management with advanced marketing strategies. By working with us, our customers now have increased their revenue, efficiency, competitiveness and we help traditional owners achieve a comprehensive, digital upgrade.

To the Industry
We lead in innovation and automation; bringing Chinese restaurant branding across American and Chinese culture and providing open and positive communication spaces for North American Asian restaurant owners. MenuSifu drives the global restaurant industry when it comes to upgrading intelligence and we enhance the global influence of Asian food culture.

To Food Lovers
We help diners upgrade their dining experience and increase convenience.

Menusifu is an all-in-one solution specialist, which provides consultation, marketing, software and computers that are dedicated to enhancing restaurant business operations for restaurant companies of all sizes. We build closed solutions from the supply chain source, restaurant management operations, and customer base terminals. MenuSifu has owned the number one restaurant market share in North American Asian restaurants consecutively since 2018, achieving a 90 times increase in growth.

MenuSifu core products include the POS ordering system, POS iPad and Android mobile data terminal, MealKeyway free restaurant APP, takeaway ordering platform, Kiosk self-service ordering system and more.


Financial Services

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